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Bank Covers Shipments to Korea for Kansas Company

AirFixture, LLC
Export Destinations: 
Kuwait, Egypt, China and Korean
EXIM Bank Product: 
Small Business Multi-Buyer Export Credit Insurance
Jobs Supported: 


AirFixture, LLC was founded in 2003, designs, develops, and distributes Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) systems for commercial buildings, as well as intellectual property management related to these technologies. The company has been exporting since 2005 and sells directly as well as through three primary distributors. Kuwait, Egypt, and China were there three top markets.


AirFixture management realized to grow its international sales the company needed nonpayment risk protection.


In January, 2014, the company was approved for a small business export credit insurance policy. Just a few months later AirFixture sold $291,232 of products to Korea.  EXIM Bank had mitigated their fear of nonpayment as the policy covered 95 percent of its commercial and political risks.


EXIM has supported $3.5 million in AirFixture sales during the 2014 to 2018 period.