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EXIM Bank Application Process

Export Credit Insurance (Eligible Applicants: U.S Exporters and Financial Institutions)
The following are the required steps to obtain an Export Credit Insurance policy:

  1. U.S. exporter and international buyer negotiate a sales contract;
  2. International buyer supplies the U.S. exporter with financial information, as required by EXIM Bank's credit standards);
  3. U.S. exporter submits insurance application to EXIM Bank, which includes requisite financial information received from the buyer.

The Export-Import Bank encourages the use of a specialist insurance broker for exporters who are interested in export credit insurance. Brokers provide a number of valuable services to existing and prospective policyholders. Brokers receive their compensation from commissions paid by EXIM Bank -- there is no additional charge to the U.S. exporter. To find a specialty broker in your region, use our Active Brokers List.

Working Capital Guarantees (Eligible Applicants: U.S. Exporters)
An exporter may apply through a lender participating in EXIM Bank's Working Capital guarantee program. Most lenders that have established a working relationship with EXIM Bank have been granted discretionary pre-approved credit authority known as delegated authority. A delegated authority lender may process your working capital loan under established criteria without pre-approval from EXIM Bank. No waiting, no red tape! To find a lender that will finance your export sales, download the Delegated Authority Lenders list.

Commercial Loan Guarantees (Eligible Applicants: Financial Institutions)
There are three simple steps to approaching EXIM Bank:

  1. U.S. exporter and international buyer negotiate a sales contract;
  2. International buyer and/or U.S. exporter identify a financing institution to provide the loan (commonly a U.S. bank, but foreign banks willing to lend U.S. dollars can also apply);
  3. Lending institution submits final application to EXIM Bank for review and approval.

Letter of Interest (Eligible Applicants: Anyone)
To initiate financing discussions with lending institutions or to complement financing proposals for competitive bids, U.S exporters and importers can obtain an EXIM Bank Letter of Interest (LI) to assist in negotiations for medium- and long-term transactions. The LI indicates the Bank's willingness to consider a financing offer if sale is completed. An LI can be issued within seven days of a request for financing and remains in effect for six months.

How do I find a bank that offers in EXIM Bank products?
EXIM Bank will provide you with a list of commercial institutions active under EXIM Bank's guarantee and insurance products. Get the Lender Referral List (pdf).