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Nathalie Herman
Vice President, Treasurer | Finance

Nathalie Herman joined the Office of the Chief Financial Officer at the Export-Import Bank of the United States in 2005. In September 2012, Mrs. Herman was named Vice President - Treasurer.

As Vice President - Treasurer, Mrs. Herman is responsible for formulating policy and the management of all activities related to budgeting, portfolio monitoring, and cash control activities of the Export-Import Bank. She is responsible for managing the preparation of the Bank's annual budget as well as the execution of the current approved budget; managing the Bank's portfolio unit including the development of credit loss factors; planning and developing the Bank's annual portfolio re-estimate. Mrs. Herman is also supervising the Bank's Cash Control function.

Nathalie attended the Faculte Libre de Droit de Valence, France and has a Baccalaureat serie Economie from the Intercollege Saint Denis, France.