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The EXIM Subcommittee on Strategic Competition with the People’s Republic of China – or the Chairman’s Council on China Competition – provides guidance to EXIM’s Advisory Committee on how China is engaging in strategic competition against the United States, and how Beijing’s actions impact American interests and economic security.

The Chairman’s Council will help EXIM make the most of its critical, bipartisan Congressional mandate to establish a “Program on China and Transformational Exports,” designed to directly neutralize Chinese export subsidies, advance the comparative leadership of the United States with respect to china, and support U.S. innovation, employment, and technological standards in ten key technology sectors.

2020-2021 EXIM Chairman’s Council on China Competition Members


Ambassador Paula Dobriansky
Senior Fellow, Harvard University Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Vice Chair, Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security (Atlantic Council)

Advisory Committee Chair:

The Honorable Stevan Pearce*
Chief Executive Officer/Manager
Trinity Industries, Inc
Former Member
U.S. House of Representatives and New Mexico House of Representatives

Sub-Saharan Africa Advisory Committee Chair:

Daniel Runde
Senior Vice President, Director of the Program on Prosperity and Development
Center for Strategic and International Studies


Alexander Benard
Senior Managing Director & Co-Head of Cerberus Frontier
Cerberus Capital Management

Erik Bethel
Managing Director
Interval Ventures Inc.

C. Derek Campbell
Chief Executive Officer
Energy and Natural Resource Security, Inc.
Executive Chairman
AlphaSierra Advisory Group

Elaine Dezenski
Founder and Managing Partner
LumiRisk, LLC

Jeremy Furchtgott
Baron Public Affairs

Kathie Leonard
President & CEO
Auburn Manufacturing

Jenny Norris
Director, East Region
Meridian Finance Group

Jim O’Brien
Baker & McKenzie LLP

Serge Verma
Vinmar Projects LLC

Deborah Wince-Smith
President & CEO
Council on Competitiveness

For more information about the 2020-2021 EXIM Chairman’s Council on China Competition, email external@exim.gov.