A Message from the COO

We have received the results of this year's Employee Viewpoint Survey.

The results show that in many respects we think the Export-Import Bank of the United States is a great place to work. We like our work, the people we work with, and are results and goal oriented.

But we have concerns about workload, resources, the physical work environment, and pay. These concerns are taken seriously and that need to be addressed. We continue to brainstorm ways to improve the physical work environment at EXIM Bank. In the meantime, we appreciate your engagement and ongoing hard work on behalf of our institution.

2013 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

Federal agencies are required to regularly conduct surveys of their workforce to determine employee attitudes toward their work and satisfaction with their jobs and compensation package. This information helps agencies learn about factors affecting recruitment and retention in the federal service. In addition, the survey findings provide data to senior leaders to meet their agency mission and address human capital management challenges.

The 2013 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey was administered electronically for six weeks, April 23 to June 7, 2012, by email invitation from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Individual survey responses were password protected and confidential. The employee sample consisted of permanent, federal EXIM employees. The response rate for this year's survey was 65.9%, well above the government-wide response rate of 48.2%.

The EXIM Bank's survey results and an analysis of the findings are provided in the links below.