Delegated Authority for Approved Lenders To Increase Use of Ex-Im Bank's 
Medium-Term Loan Guarantees

Ex-Im Bank's Medium-Term Delegated Authority (MTDA) Program is designed to increase Ex-Im Bank support for exports of U.S. capital goods by enabling approved lenders to underwrite and approve Ex-Im Bank guarantees for commercial medium-term export credits. The MTDA Program features enhanced coverage for small-business exports.


  • Ex-Im Bank support for medium-term export-credit transactions
  • Enhanced small-business support
  • Reduced transaction turnaround time
  • More efficient leveraging of Ex-Im Bank's staff resources

Program Description:

Approved lenders will have delegated authority to underwrite and authorize standard Ex-Im Bank-guaranteed medium-term transactions without prior Ex-Im Bank review and approval. Program features include:

  • Adherence to Ex-Im Bank policies and credit standards
  • Lender required to share the credit risk by retaining 10 percent of the commercial risk
  • Lender retains 10 percent of the Ex-Im Bank exposure fee
  • Enhanced coverage for transactions benefiting small-business exporters and/or suppliers; lender's required retention of commercial risk reduced to 8 percent

Lender Limits:

Ex-Im Bank will determine the level of delegated authority for each approved lender. Lenders may be approved up to:

  • A maximum of $10 million per individual delegated-authority transaction
  • A maximum of $100 million in aggregated delegated-authority transactions

Lender Eligibility:

Ex-Im Bank will consider several criteria in evaluating lenders for eligibility and lending limits, including:

  • Medium-Term Lending Experience in Emerging Markets
  • Transaction Due-Diligence Capability
  • Underwriting Capability
  • Loan Monitoring and Administration Capability

Please see the MTDA Program Description for more information.

Ex-Im Bank Contacts:

Lenders requesting more information may call or send an email to: