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Ex-Im Bank in Africa (Sub-Saharan)

Sub-Saharan Africa is a priority region for Ex-Im Bank. Since 2009, Ex-Im Bank has supported over $6.6 billion in transactions throughout sub-Saharan Africa. For the fiscal year ending September 30, 2014, Ex-Im Bank supported $2.05 billion in transactions in 20+ sub-Saharan countries. View our Country Limitation Schedule to see where Ex-Im Bank can support you.

If you are a lender or U.S. exporter:

Ex-Im Bank provides U.S. exporters with the financing tools they need to successfully compete for business in Africa. Ex-Im Bank's products and initiatives help U.S. exporters in many regions of Africa, including high-risk and emerging markets. Learn more.

If you are interested in financing your purchase of U.S. goods or services:

Through the use of Ex-Im Bank's products, international buyers may qualify to obtain terms of credit from a U.S. exporter for short-term transactions. Transactions requiring medium-term or long-term financing may qualify for an Ex-Im Bank commercial loan guarantee, allowing lenders to offer you competitive term financing. Learn more.

Export.gov's Doing Business in Africa website.